Socially Awkward Course- $199

Socially Awkward Course- $199

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 Feeling a little lost in the social media space?  This course is designed if you have 1 follower or 100K followers- you'll benefit from the knowledge, tips and tricks to maximize your media platforms both personally and professionally.  

Topics covered in the course are: 

  • Finding & harnessing your voice to resonate with others 
  • Branding for business & personal use
  • Captions that convert / growth. 
  • Photo & Video / theme content
  • Engagements & Insights
  • Influencer, Ambassador programs and Brand sponsorships that align.

  • This course is 6 weeks of video courses.  You will be emailed the sign up link upon purchase.  Once you sign up, 2 days later you will receive access to the first course and a course each week on that day for 6 weeks.